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About JAD
Japan Art Directory in Australia (JAD) is a reference site created by The Japan Foundation Sydney. The directory introduces Japanese artists and non-Japanese artists practising traditional and contemporary Japanese art forms, experts in the area of Japanese art and arts organisations representing Japanese arts based in Australia. Our aim is to showcase their art works, practices and activities to further their recognition and to promote excellence in Japanese art and culture.

The Japan Foundation Sydney published the Japanese Artists’ Directory in Australia in 1997 as part of the Australia-Japan Friendship Anniversaries (1996-98), agreed by both Japanese and Australian governments.  In 2004 the Japanese Artists’ Directory in Australia was first introduced on-line. In 2012, The Japan Foundation Sydney has relaunched the Japan Art Directory in Australia (JAD) to further incorporate the dynamic range of established and emerging artists, art forms, experts and organisations within Australia.

The Japan Foundation is a Japanese public organisation established in 1972 in Tokyo dedicated to promoting cultural and intellectual exchange between Japan and other nations through the implementation of comprehensive international cultural exchange projects. Through its activities, it contributes to the deepening of mutual international understanding and the building of peace in the international community. The Japan Foundation in Australia was founded in 1978 in Canberra and then moved to Sydney in 1988.
Published by The Japan Foundation Sydney
Compiled by Mayu Kanamori