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Akira Kamada
Contemporary | Installation | Mixed Media   (NSW)

Akira Kamada is a sculptor and installation artist whose central concern is the impact of human behaviour on the environment, combined with an artistic respect and reverence for the beauty of natural materials.

Born in Japan in 1955, Kamada studied photography, painting, ceramics, and sculpture in both Tokyo and Sydney. Having immigrated to Australia in 1987, he initially set up his own gardening business which, due to requests from clients and word-of-mouth advertising, came to specialise in the design and construction of contemporary Zen gardens. He received a number of large commissions and won recognition from a number of Sydney garden shows. In 2003 he was invited by the Art Gallery of NSW to design four Japanese rock gardens for display in conjunction with the Japanese ‘seasons’ exhibition.

Meanwhile, over time, Kamada completed a ceramics course at East Sydney TAFE (now the National Art School) and a sculpture course at the Sydney Gallery School at Meadowbank TAFE. From the early 2000s he began exhibiting his sculpture and installations in group shows and public exhibitions.

He first entered Sculpture by the Sea Bondi in 2006, receiving the Sculpture by the Sea Clitheroe Foundation Emerging Artists Mentor Program Scholarship in 2008. He has exhibited regularly in Sculpture by the Sea, UWS Sculpture Award, Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize, and Sculpture in the Vineyards. He has had a number of commissions and residencies and continues to exhibit in a range of solo and group shows in Sydney and Melbourne.

While Kamada is diverse in the nature of the works he produces, he tends to work mostly with found objects or materials, such as twigs, seeds, branches or recycled timber. A recurring theme is his focus on the unexpected beauty and significance of seemingly everyday, insignificant aspects of the natural world.

  Photos: "Shikaku Maru Sankaku", "Shape of Family"
Website: http://www.akirakamada.com/
Email: akirakamada@hotmail.com
Mobile: 0408 608 402