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Brandon Lee
Music / Sound | Traditional Japanese Music   (VIC)

Born in Malaysia, Brandon started learning the koto when he attended Melbourne University. His teachers include Miyama Mcqueen Tokita, Satsuki Odamura in Sydney, and Kazue Sawai in Tokyo. He has acquired both contemporary and classical repertoire for the koto and also plays the bass koto. From 2010 to 2012, Brandon was a live-in apprentice for the legendary Kazue Sawai in Tokyo.

In 2011, he ranked 2nd among all candidates in Japan for the Sawai Koto School’s instructor’s examination; officially obtaining his teaching license.

Since moving back to Australia, Brandon has travelled and performed in Sydney and Broome. He is now currently based in Melbourne and has performed in various concerts and festivals He has recently graduated with a Masters of Music from Monash University.

Website: www.brandonleekoto.com.au
Email: brandonkoto@gmail.com
Link: Dawn Day Dusk
Phone: 0424 470 534