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Carl Rathus
Traditional Japanese Music   (QLD)

I play the shakuhachi, a Japanese end-blown flute with roots in the Zen Buddhist tradition. My solo performances concentrate honkyoku, the Zen Budddhist repertoire. This is generally considered to be meditative. These pieces don’t have a strong pulse, but rather a flow.

I also play contemporary pieces as a contrast. I have studied the traditional and contemporary repertoire from leading players in Japan and Australia.

I have been teaching and performing in Queensland for many years. I have also performed interstate, in Japan and India. My core repertoire is honkykoku, the solo Zen pieces, but I am also involved in a Japanese music duet with koto player, Takako Nishibori, and Indo-Japanese Improvisation (IJIMP), among other projects. I have been involved in a Japanese ensemble recording, and a live fusion recording at the Madras Music Academy. I was an invited teacher and performer at the World Shakuhachi Festival in Sydney in 2008, and an invited performer at the World Shakuhachi Festival in Kyoto in 2012. I recorded two CDs in Varanasi, India, in early 2014. One is improvised music based on Indian and Japanese forms of music, with a Brisbane tabla player and Indian musicians, released as Soul of Benares. The other CD is honkyoku pieces from the Chikuho school and the Yokoyama lineage, released as Letter B.

Website: http://www.carlrathus.net/
Email: c_rathus@hotmail.com
Link: Carl Rathus and Takako Nishibori - YouTube
  Koto Brisbane
Phone: 07 3379 7859