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Chisayo Lewis
Craft   (NSW)
Chisayo Lewis was born in Kyoto, Japan and moved to Sydney Australia in 1995.

Chisayo grew up in a traditional Japanese family environment in Higashiyama, which is an old cultural part of Kyoto . 

Chisayo’s mother, being a Maiko, performed and also taught Buyo (Japanese traditional dance) and instructed traditional Japanese musical instruments, such as the Shamisen, Koto and Tsutsumi.

Chisayo’s mother had a major influence on her traditional upbringing.

Chisayo studied dress making at high school and then went to a vocational school to learn Kimono dress making influenced by her grandmother who was also a kimono dress maker.

Chisayo worked in a kimono whole sale company as a Designer before taking some time off to travel the world. 
 Chisayo spent 2 months travelling the Middle East and also the African Continent for 8 months where she found a whole new world of cultures and  art & crafts. 

Whilst travelling through Africa, Chisayo met her future husband from Australia.

After leaving Africa, Chisayo found herself moving to Australia in 1995 where she now lives on the Northern Rivers of New South Wales with her family.

In 1998, Chisayo studied Certificate 3 in Child Care at TAFE in Sydney.

Chisayo is now a mother of 2 girls, Shiana and Talia.

Having the experience as a Child Care Worker, Chisayo decided to try and make some fun and educational toys from felt, for her 2 girls.

After some positive feedback from many of Chisayo’s friends with children of their own, she started making children’s educational toys from felt, as gifts. Chisayo now sells her hand made toys at Coolangatta Markets on the 2nd Sunday of each month with a great response.    
Website: http://www.handmadecraftcreations.weebly.com/
Email: chisayo@yahoo.com.au