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CJC (Canberra Japan Club) Blue Bells Tanka Group
Lietrature  (ACT)
The Canberra Japan Club e-Tanka group ‘Blue Bell’ named after the flower of Canberra, currently has 7 members, including some from interstates who used to live in Canberra and be a member of CJC, and the special guest member from Japan.

Each member posts, by email, 2 tanka every month to the coordinator, who then collaborates on them and emails back to the members for their remarks about the tanka written by the other members. When the members send back the tanka with their remarks, they also select the one of their own to be introduced in the CJC newsletter. The coordinator recommends readings of some tanka textbooks and an expert tanka poet’s writings as guidance to the members. The group, for the first time, met last year to discuss and exchange their ideas about tanka.

The second meeting is planned later this year. It is also planning to use Skype to include the members interstates and also in Japan.
Email: sogi@iinet.net.au