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David Lovegrove
Animation/Manga | Other - concept art, illustration   (NSW)

David Lovegrove is a professional artist and illustrator with a passion for Japanese culture both traditional and contemporary. 

His first love is Jidaigeki (Samurai films) closely followed by manga and anime, as well as a great interest in Japanese history, Sumo (he is an amateur Sumo referee), Kenjutsu, Sumi e, and really any and all traditional arts.

David has been slowly teaching himself Nihongo, trys to play the Yokobue and Shakuhachi and has a lot of Japanese friends where he lives in Northern NSW.

He is writing a graphic novel in a manga style inspired by the legend of Daruma, (founder of Zen in Japan and represented by the famous red legless doll Daruma San) and as part of his research he visited the main Daruma temple in Japan, Daruma Dera in Kyoto.

In 2010 Emirates Airlines flew him to Dubai to draw and paint his manga characters all over three brand new Nissan Patrol SUV’s in a public event to launch a new direct route Dubai to Tokyo.

David runs popular manga art workshops all over Eastern Australia and for the last three years has been invited by the Consulate General of Japan, Brisbane, to run manga workshops for Japan Week (his workshops have been voted one of the most popular activities in the week long celebrations).

Besides working on his Daruma project and teaching he works freelance illustrating for publishers and advertising agencies.

David is also creating a series of fine art paintings and drawings melding his fascination with Daruma San and the beautiful landscapes of the Tweed Valley where he lives with his wife Lizzy and three small children.

He dreams of finding a Japanese publisher and living in Japan long enough to become fluent and be able to read his huge collection of Japanese manga!

Website: www.davidlovegrove.com
Email: davidlovegroveart@gmail.com
Agent: helen@speakers-ink.com.au (Helen Bain)