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Facet Studio
Architecture   (NSW)
Yoshihito Kashiwagi was born in Osaka, educated in Tokyo, trained in Genoa, Italy.  After he finished the bachelor degree at Keio University, Japan (major in business administration) he made an acute turn in his career, to major in architecture and urban design for his graduate degree at the same university.  For this particular reason his approach to architecture has always a rare sociological dimension, and a compassionate expression of his concern towards architecture’s role in human lives.

Working at Renzo Piano Building Wokshop (Genoa, Italy) and Engelene Moore (Sydney, Australia) has made the greatest impact on Yoshihito’s architectural language - the thinking and challenging process of architecture as an integral sum of parts, as an complete expression of idea.

Yoshihito is a registered architect in Japan and established Facet Studio in Sydney 2009 and in Osaka 2010.  Received winner of commercial category for Intergrain Timber Vision Award in 2010 and winner of retail category for Interior Design Excellence Award in 2011. Yoshihito assumes a teaching position at Sydney University and UNSW and has also lectured in several universities across Japan.  

Website: http://www.facetstudio.com.au
Email: info@facetstudio.com.au
Phone: 02 8065 2358