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Harumi Takabayashi
Visual Art   (NSW)

My interest in painting started in my mid 30's as I became impressed by Japanese styles of painting. I was particularly interested in "Nihonga" a Japanese style of painting which combines traditional with modern imagery,which the 19th century's impressionists such as Monet and Van Gogh were influenced. I was taught by several fine artists in Japan, who were members of the art group NITTEN,both in public classes and through private tution. "Nihonga" has various styles, traditional,abstract and mixed-media,however

"Nihonga is clearly different from Western art as it uses a unique technique and is delicate and natural. This technique uses "Iwaenogu" (natural pigment made from natural rocks,stones including original jewellery stones,shells plants and also gold,siver and other types). These colours are used on "Washi" (Japanese natural hand made paper) and mounted on a wooden panel. "Iwaenogu" colours are mixed with "Nikawa" (glue) made from a collagen of animal skin and bones of a deer.

I love to use "Iwaenogu" which produces natural beautiful colours on the "Washi", keeping in line with other traditional Japanese culture. I am keen to express,progress and introduce this unique technique in my style of painting,that combines traditional and modern imagery through the contemporary visual art scene in Australia.

AlsoI have enjoyed teaching young children for 14 years both in Japan and Australia and have gained vivid inspiration from them in sharing our creations.Many of these children received awards for their artwork,both in Japan and Australia or international by various children's art exhibitions.

  Photos: "Autumn Colour"; "Parrot and Japanese Pattern"; "Butterfly"
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