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Haruyo Morita  
Conceptual | Contemporary | Mixed Media  (NSW)
Haruyo Morita is a contemporary Japanese artist who began her study in high school in Japan. Morita's passion for art took her around the world to further refine her style at the National Art School in Sydney and 'Villa Bastille' Art school in Paris.

Morita is currently based in western Sydney in Parramattta working with Sumi calligraphy ink, mineral pigments, gold leaf, shell powder, acrylic and oil paints.

After she started practicing Reiki, traditional Japanese energy healing, there is a spiritual energy that drives her needs to portray the beauty of the present. Through layers of traditional Japanese colors and gold leaf, Morita’s paintings communicate notions of energy inviting the viewer into a calm meditative space.

“Just because people believe different things, they are no better or less - we are just made differently to keep the balance in this universe.”

Haruyo’s energy portraits reflect this understanding by stripping away our human forms and figures to reveal the shared essence of what it actually means to be a human being below the surface.
Website: www.HaruyoMoritaArt.com
Email: haruyomorita@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/haruyomoritaart
Instagram: http://instagram.com/haruyomorita
Tumblr: http://haruyomorita.tumblr.com