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Hitomi Kurosawa
Music/Sound | Traditional Japanese Music   (NSW)
Hitomi Kurosawa was born in Osaka, Japan. She joined The Sawai International Koto School in 1998 and has since been studying under both Satsuki Odamura in Australia and Kazue Sawai in Japan.

She has accumulated a wide range of performance experiences in various formats as a soloist and as an member of Sawai koto ensemble, including performances at the Sydney Opera House during the Asian Dance and Music Festival, as part of the Shakuhachi Festivals, performances at NSW Art gallary at Japanese Gardens Cowra, Inland sea of sound festival in Bathust and Japanese Embassy in Canberra, also deliver the koto workshop at schools and Universities.

Her recent perfomances include the koto Meets Baroque concert in August 2009, the concert for His Majesty King George Tupou V in Tonga 2010, Illusion for kotos and Flute concert in 2011.

Hitomi plays both “standard” koto as well as the bass koto and collaborate with western instrument such as violin saxophone and flute.
Email: hitomisyd@hotmail.com