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Hugh Cann
Visual Art   (NSW)

Hugh Cann was born into a theatrical world family though distanced himself fro0m it to live in Hiroshima, Japan between 1986 and 2000 where he studied shodo (oriental ink brush calligraphy).  His zen’ei (avant garde) work has been shown in several Japanese exhibitions (Fuji Sankei Kokusai Koboten, Toyo Shogei’in, Fuji Art Gallery Dai San Bunmei Kobo Ten, Hiroshima Pref. Art Kobo Ten – list available on request) throughout Japan and received various awards spanning more than ten years.  Further, he held five successful solo exhibitions in Hiroshima and was often interviewed on TV, radio and in the local press; his second exhibition was very well received in a half page review in a English language national daily, the Asahi News.

In 1997 he conceived, produced and performed a work combining music, poetry and live demonstration of his avant garde work in collaboration with a British koto player and two Japanese percussionists.  On the strength of this he was commissioned to do a second work at a private gallery opening. 

In 1998 the Bank of Hiroshima commissioned him to do the poster for their spring campaign among commissions from other patrons.  Most recently Hugh was invited to create an exhibition in support of a Tanka reading at Hornsby Civic Library by Mariko Kitakubo.

In 2012 his avant garde work oto won first prize in the calligraphy genre at the Annual NSW Royal Easter Show Art Exhibition. Hugh holds the rank of 3rd dan in Shin Shin Toitsu aikido and has taught this discipline at Natural Therapies colleges, National Institute of Dramatic Art, a number of private and public high schools and community colleges in Sydney.  He was a Silver Medallist in the Japan National Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido Championships 1995. 

As a media producer Hugh currently is developing a number of Multi Platform Screen Media projects and is also a Japanese language Tour Guide and also a Guest Relations Ambassador at Sydney Opera House. He has appeared as an actor in a number of small roles in TV and feature films, including Broken (Dir Angelina Jolie); Japanese Story (with Tony Collette; Cannes Un Certain Regarde 2001); Changi (ABC TV Best Mini Series 2002)

Freeform haiku by Santoka Taneda 40x30cm ink on washi paper 現代書;
"無心/no mind" 182x62cm 前衛書 ink on washi paper";
"音/ noise” 142x52cm 前衛書 gouche and ink on washi paper 1st Prize 2012 NSW Easter Show Art Exhibition Calligraphy Genre
Email: hughscann@bigpond.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hugh.cann
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hughscann
Mobile: 0418 974 769