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Isao Morimoto
Film  (NSW)
Isao Morimoto immigrated to Australia in 1981, studied and graduated the Australian Film,Television and Radio School and acquired a BA in Directing Film and Television. He also studied at CITY ART INSTITUTE where he acquired a BA in Fine Art (Video), Graduate Diploma in Professional Art Studies.

Isao has written, edited and directed the feature film ICHI-GEN-SAN - 'The First Timers' as well as directed and co-written Australian Feature Film ONCE IN TIME and SOUND OF WHEELS. Other assignments in the film industry include Japanese acting translator for MR. BASEBALL and Bilingual Assistant Director for TASMANIA STORY. He has also directed and created video art works as well as music clip videos.
  Photos: from ICHI-GEN-SAN - 'The First Timers
Email: isaom@optusnet.com.au
Phone: 02 9958 5745