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JCS Sydney Soran Odori-tai
(Sydney Soran Dance Troupe)
Dance   (NSW)
Sydney Soran Dance Troupe is a one the social groups within the Japan Club of Sydney (JCS). Members range from 4 year old children to people over 70 years old. Everybody loves to dance.

Yosakoi Soran started in 1991 by an university student in Hokkaido, Japan. Since then Yosakoi fever spread all over Japan, and now here in Sydney.

In Sydney, a member of a mother's group at the Willoughby Public School was inspired by the Soran dance, and organized a children's Soran dance team in their school in 2004. In 2005 they performed at the Summer Festival of the Japan Club of Sydney. After this, JCS formed our own Sydney Soran Dance Troupe and performed at the 2006 Summer Festival in Sydney under the guidance of the mother's group.

We dance the Nanchu Soran dance which is a very famous Soran dance in Japan.

Originally, one of the junior high schools in Hokkaido created this dance, performed it in many festivals and won many prizes as a result. This particular school has many juvenile delinquents, and one of the teachers started to help these children through dance. Nanchu Soran is a symbol of their story of rehabilitation.

We conduct dance practices every week, and many members participate every Saturday afternoon at the Cammeray Public School, every Tuesday night in the Sydney CBD and every Monday afternoon at Marrickville. Why not join this energetic dance team to keep you healthy and enjoy exercising and have a good laugh with us.
Links: Performance at Sydney Darling Harbour 1 - YouTube 
  Performance at Sydney Darling Harbou 2 - YouTuber  
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