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Jennie Feyen
Conceptual | Installation | Visual Art   (NSW)
Jennie Feyen is a Sydney-based video artist who is also passionate about short films, documentaries and interdisciplinary art. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Creative Industries from Edith Cowan University in which she studied Film and Video, Visual Arts and Japanese.

To date, Jennie’s body of work consists of video installations and a selection of short films and documentaries, some of which were conceptualised and produced in Tokyo, Japan. The majority of Jennie’s work is strongly influenced by Japanese culture and folklore, and often explores femininity.

Interestingly, Jennie’s film projects tend to explore topical issues that are tonally dark, such as Held Down (2011) and Heart and Human (2013), however her video installations are calm, gentle and meditative, such as Body of Water (2013) and Mieru (2014).

Jennie’s recent work includes video art for a production of ‘The Emperor of Atlantis’, an opera produced by Lost and Found Inc, which was written during WII. At present she is working within a small team to develop a community film project titled ‘Together’ that focuses on the LGBTI community in Perth, Western Australia.
Website: www.jenniefeyen.com
Email: jennie.feyen@gmail.com