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Keiko Goto
Photography  (QLD)

Keiko first arrived in Australia with the Snowy Mountains Hydro Scheme with her parents. Her multi-cultural background living in Australia, Japan, United Kingdom and Russia is clearly shown in her style of photography in the inspiring blend of east and west culture showing her love of people and landscapes.

Her style of photography was developed while studying photography under Kazuo Kitai who is renowned for his passion for black and white photography using Leica cameras. This passion was soon shared by Keiko who studied not only photography but dark room techniques. Keiko incorporates these learning’s into her artwork by continuing to use a 1938 Leica IIIb camera with a Summicron lens from which she develops her own remarkable black and white prints, using Leica Focomat Ic built between 1950 to 1977.

Website: www.keikogotophotography.com
Facebook: Keiko Goto Photography
Email: keikoleica@gmail.com
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