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Keiko Matsui
Craft | Visual Art   (NSW)

Keiko Matsui is a Japanese ceramic artist who lives and works in Central Coast, Australia. She studied ceramics at the National Art School in East Sydney and graduated in 2006 with honours degree. 

Keiko’s style is versatile and diverse, from small porcelain cups and bowls to large hand-built objects. Her unique tableware is created on a wheel using the finest Australian porcelain. She then alters the shape and sometimes applies drawings. 

Her Japanese heritage, with its history of and respect for ceramics, and the experience of living in Australia, an innovative new culture, both influence on her work. Using Australian porcelain, she focuses on making forms that act as a canvas for drawings or calligraphy which she has been practising since she was small. 

“While porcelain is difficult to work with, its whiteness, translucency, density and surface qualities more than compensate for any problems. It is through clay that I express my emotions and travel the inner me. The journey to refinement of surface, texture and colour is similar to the path of self discovery.”

 Keiko 's work can be found at National Gallery of Australia in Canberra, Object gallery in Sydney, Craft Victoria in Melbourne, and Sturt Gallery in Mittagong.

Photos: Scar-bowls, 2012. Porcelain, white matt glaze;Towards, 2012. Porcelain, clear and white glaze; Mother and child, 2012. Porcelain, white matt glaze

Website: www.keikomatsui.com.au
Email: info@keikomatsui.com.au
Instagram: http://instagram.com/keiko_matsui_ceramics
Phone: 0425 725 978