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Kenkichi Tai
Graphic Design   (VIC)
Kenkichi Tai was born in Kagawa Japan, spending the first eighteen years of his life there. With a growing curiosity about the visual arts, he made the move to the fast pace city of Tokyo. It was in Tokyo that Kenkichi studied visual arts majoring in photography.

'A frog in a well cannot conceive of the ocean'
This proverb struck a chord with Kenkichi and in 2000 he decided to move to Paris where he studied Graphic Design and multimedia at LISAA College of Applied Art in central Paris. He then spent the next ten years in Paris where he was able to master the French language and work and develop his creation in a French company working on branding and identity for high profile accounts such as Danone and Evian.

Kenkichi also used his multi disciplinary skills as an illustrator and graphic designer to develop concepts for both Japanese and French clients in both print and web.

In 2010 Kenkichi moved to London and was influenced by the city's architecture and culture and continued to expand his career freelancing with English clients. Kenkichi's work explores the notions of mixing his Japanese origin with his European identity. His exposure to many different cultures has enabled him to soak up the inspiration and blending the styles have made him into the unique designer that he is today and continues to develop into.

Kenkichi is now based in Melbourne Australia and looks forward to continuing his career here.
  Photos: Identity work, Identity, menu design and website for Shu Restaurant in Paris, France. Biography
Website: www.kenkichitai.com
Email: hello@kenkichitai.com