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Kiyotaka Hashimoto
Craft  (NSW)

Kiyotaka Hashimoto was born in Tokyo in 1951 and graduated from the Musashino Art College in 1974. After working as a ceramic instructor and studio potter at the prestigious Japan Ceramics Art Club, he migrated to Australia with his ceramicist wife Kumiko. Their Armidale studio was founded in 1992 and for nearly 20 years he has developed a unique Japanese style with innovative glazes inspired by the Australian landscape and coastline. Evolution of technique and material expression is important to Kiyotaka, and his current practise re-invigorates the subtle glazes and simple forms of his homeland. 

Website: http://enshuceramics.com
Email: kiyotaka4@bigpond.com
Phone: 02 6772 4605