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Koji Hoashi
Craft   (VIC)
Koji Hoashi is a practicing ceramic artist who works as a lecturer in International Studies and Japanese at the University of Ballarat. He maintains research interests in Japanese Aesthetics, Cultural Expressions and Cultural Education. After completing his B.Ed. (Primary School, Fine Art and Music in Secondary School) at Oita University in Japan, Koji moved to Australia in 1985 to continue his research and cultural investigations as well as obtaining an M.A. (Fine Art). His current research interests involve contemporary attitudes to Zen expression, through a range of personalised musical and Visual Art interpretations. 

Although Koji maintained an intrinsic Japanese sensibility, living in Australia for over twenty years enabled him to formulate a critical comparative examination of Japanese and Australian aesthetics. This in turn enabled Koji to understand Japanese culture in all its diversity more objectively. 

Koji’s objective in creating ceramic artwork is to develop and construct an empathetic relationship with the spirit of Zen and the cross cultural aesthetic in an unselfconscious manner. The intended spirit of Koji’s work is reliant on this phenomenon as much as the physical balance, form and colour. Other mitigating influences such as environmental, philosophical and musical factors contribute to this encompassing manifestation. 

Koji has had a number of solo and group exhibitions at various private galleries and public spaces in Australia and Japan. In addition to a life sized bronze sculpture commissioned by the City of Oita, his works have been acquired by a number of Regional Fine Art Galleries in Australia. 
Email: k.hoashi@ballarat.edu.au
Phone: 03 5330 1885