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Koto Music Institute of Australia  
Sawai Koto Ensemble Sydney
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The core business of the Koto Music Institute of Australia is the promotion of Japanese koto music in Australia and the creation and presentation of art works of any form using koto either as the main instrument or in collaboration with other art forms and/or instruments. The Institute encourages and supports its members to create and present their art works by being an umbrella body for koto players and associated artists. The Institute distributes information and mentors and advises emerging koto players.

Members of the Institute include Odamura's current and former students from The Sawai International Koto School, which she established in 1989 with students in Sydney, Adelaide, Perth and Melbourne. The school has issued four internationally recognised koto teaching certificates in Australia, and her students have now begun to teach koto in their own right, following in Odamura's footsteps to use koto as part of theatre, dance and other art forms.

The Sawai Koto School was founded in Tokyo in 1965, and has become a centre of modern koto music in Japan. The late founder of the school, Tadao Sawai, was a virtuoso composer of contemporary koto music and is perhaps the best known kotoist in Japan.

Both Tadao and his partner, Kazue Sawai, herself an acclaimed koto player, had endeavored to make Japanese music known internationally by taking their music to concerts and music festivals around the world. The current director of The Sawai Koto School is their son Hikaru Sawai.

The Sawai International Koto School in Sydney, presently based in Ashfield, opened in 1989 under koto master, Satsuki Odamura and is one of five branch schools of the Sawai Koto School based in Tokyo. The others are in Honolulu, New York, Los Angeles and London

The international schools have been established to further understanding of Japanese culture and to spread the music of the koto. This was the philosophy and belief of Tadao and Kazue Sawai.

Students at the Sydney school typically attend lessons once a week. Initially new students are encouraged to hire a koto from the school rather than buy one, until they are sure they want to continue to learn the instrument.
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