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Leigh Sloggett
Contemporary | Craft | Visual Art   (VIC)

Leigh has been carving netsuke since 1992, coming from a background of painting and sculpture. In 1993 he moved to Japan to study netsuke carving under Bishu Saito. While there he also studied under Yasufusa Saito, Ryoshu Miyazawa, Mitsuyuki Aoki and Goraku Matsuda.

His work has been exhibited in museums and galleries around the world, including the British Museum, Tokyo National Museum and the Los Angeles County Museum and can be found in many important private collections. His carving, 'Kingfisher', is in the Museum of Fine Art Boston collection and several works are in the Tokyo National Museum as part of the Prince Takamado Collection. In 1997 the Japanese Broadcasting Association (NHK) produced a short documentary about Leigh's netsuke. Various articles have also been written about his work in a range of publications, such as the International Netsuke Society Journal and Daruma magazine.

Artist Statement

My fascination with netsuke started in 1974 in high school. A chance encounter with a book in the school library was to be the beginning of a lifetime career with netsuke and Japan.

Fine art at Caulfield Institute of Technology and a ten year focus on oil painting and sculpture followed. An underlying and continued passion for netsuke prompted a desire to study in Japan, and I was extremely fortunate to be accepted as a student by leading contemporary carver Bishu Saito in 1993. After a prolonged period of study and practice in Japan, I returned to Australia from where I continue an international career in netsuke carving.

Intimacy, beauty of form and purity of material are some of the characteristics that continue to draw me to netsuke. Within the confines of function, and function dictates the qualities that make netsuke an unique art form, I have found a vehicle for creative expression that delights and excites me.

As a contemporary creative artist I strive to make distinctive and original netsuke of the highest quality.

  Photos: "Relic", "White Fox"
Website: http://www.leighsloggett.com/
Email: sloggett@netspace.net.au