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Michael Lai
Installation | Interdisciplinary | Traditional Japanese Craft   (QLD)

A former scientist/researcher working in the IT industry (as a user experience designer) who accidentally stumbled into the creative industries, my work reflects an inner fascination of science and nature combined with personal interests in exploring how these accessible forms of art, which can be practised by anyone with a minimal level of skill and with nothing more than ordinary materials, can help to create meditative/therapeutic experiences that can calm our emotions and soothe our mind.

My first memory of making origami cranes was during Year 7 Japanese class, and I reacquainted myself with my passion for the traditional craft through experimenting with a variety of 'paper' that I use for the models, from used bus tickets, shopping receipts, raffle tickets and now pressed flower petals.

My latest work "Hanakami (花紙) cranes and micro-terrariums" is an exploration of intricate patterns, delicate textures and vibrant colours.

The artistic collaboration, combining a modern variation on terrariums, miniature traditional Japanese craft and photography, showcases items brought to life by the dexterity of the artist and captured in the contrasting styles of the individual photographers.

The exhibit invites the audience to discover the elegance of hidden beauty that lies within the simplicity of our natural surroundings; it is a challenge for us to seek serenity and balance in the lives of those swept up in the tides of a disruptive modern society.

Photo by Francis Scott Photo by James Shields  
  Profile photo by Caroline Andreolle - Sphynge Photography.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Origami-for-meditation-685591844910269/
Tel: 0421 137 427
Email: thetoohardbasket@gmail.com