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Miho Watanabe  
Photography | Mixed Media | Visual Art   (NSW)

My obsession with 'between-ness' started whilst taking photographs as a professional photographer. I explored the space between a subject and the camera as an energy flow. This energy flow with the subject (organic or non organic) and the space it occupied created in my photographs a more visually interesting outcome. The obsession emerged as a topic that would drive my current research into what this 'between-ness' is, and how to visualise it. ‘Between-ness’ is an 'invisible' subject to explore, and the existence of 'between-ness' requires 'things' that inhabit the between, and without these 'things' there will be no ‘between'.

Creating art work for me is awareness of between-ness which the door way to the concealed realm. My work creates photography as a means for memory and painting as a means of connection in between reality and the concealed realm. Transparent photographs and paints are layered, leading to awareness and connection of between-ness. Through my work, I would like to engage others in the understanding of self equals the understanding others and vice versa, because we all connected/related.

Website: MihoWatanabe
  Miho Watanabe's Professional Photography
Email: miho@miho.com.au
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/miho.watanabe.9083
Instagram: https://instagram.com/mihowannabe/
Mobile: 0412 514 555