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Miki Kubo
Conceptual | Contemporary | Visual art   (NSW)
Miki Kubo began working with glass as an assistant of a glass blowing studio in Shiga, Japan in 1990.

Miki has worked on a glass blowing team for Brian Hirst to assist his art studio in Sydney since 1998. She has also participated in many creative processes involving glass, and worked with many notable practitioners in this medium.

From 2003 to 2005 Miki was taught the art of engraving on glass by the late Anne Dybka (OAM). Miki was influenced greatly by Anne’s teaching and it has changed her relationship with the chosen subjects.

In recent years, Miki has been taking part in selected exhibitions and various competitions such as the ‘RANAMOK Prize for Contemporary Glass’.

Miki Currently lives in Sydney where she draws her inspirations from the natural world which offers encounters with the diversity of Australian animals and landscapes.
  Photos by Michael Myers
Website: http://www.mikikubo.com/
Email: studio_kubo@yahoo.com.au