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Mitsuo Shoji  
Contemporary | Craft | Mixed Media | Traditional Japanese Art | Traditional Japanese Craft | Visual Art   (NSW)

Mitsuo has held over 50 Solo exhibitions nationally and internationally.  His most recent shows were in 2010, ‘Between the Language and the Form,’ the Japan Foundation Gallery, Sydney, with the assistance of an Australia Council for the Arts grant., and Lesley Kehoe galleries, Melbourne: MITSUO SHOJI Coming Home. Lesley Kehoe Galleries exhibited his work at Asia Week , New York, in 2014.

Mitsuo has attended many symposia in the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Turkey, Israel, Hungary, Japan, Poland, France, China and Latvia. 

In 2012 The National Gallery of Australia, NGA, acquired two pieces of his functional work, which takes their collection to five pieces.

  Portrait: photo by Mayu Kanamori
Photos: Colour inlay stoneware circle form, 2011, 80 x 18 cm; Ovoid colour inlay form, double wall. Stoneware clay, gold leaf. 2011 120 ht x 60 ht x 20 cm w; Large crushed glass platter: stoneware, 90 x 25 cm.
Website: http://mitsuoshoji.com/
Email: cshoji@optusnet.com.au
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mitsuo-Shojis-Art/100863543308602