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Mutsuko Bonnardeaux
Visual Art | Craft | Traditional Japanese Craft   (WA)
Mutsuko’s artworks have been exhibited in WA, SA and NSW in solo and group exhibitions, every year since 1990. Overseas exhibitions include Tokyo, Hamamatsu, San Francisco, Brussels, Paris and Siena (Italy). Mutsuko has won various prizes and has been invited as Artist in Residence at Mt Cook (New Zealand), Uluru (NT), Adelaide, Broome and Perth. Her workshops at schools and communities in WA, NSW and VIC are also very popular.

Mutsuko has always been interested in arts. During her high school years in Tokyo she went to many exhibitions featuring French impressionists paintings. While studying English in London, she developed an interest in glass mosaics and oil painting while learning French in Belgium, she enrolled in a pottery course given by a sculptor.

While living in Europe and Asia, Mutsuko met great local artists and craft people. Inspiration came while settling in the Kimberley, WA. The serene beauty of the scenery, the magic of its light and colours charmed Mutsuko to the point she felt anchored to the landscape. It was in Kununurra, a small town in the Kimberley, where Mutsuko dreamed of using Japanese techniques to produced Western style images with the depth. She eventually created her art form called ‘Kumi-E’ blending techniques borrowed from the Japanese Chigiri-E and her experiences with batik (Indonesia), ceramics (Japan, Belgium and Australia), silkscreen and paper making (Australia and Japan)

In her Kumi-E’s, Mutsuko excels at fusing craft with art. Concentrating on expression and feeling rather than adhering to a grammar learnt in a traditional art schools, she expresses her views in an accessible language. Her Kumi-E’s immediately strike a responsive chord in viewers who values harmony. After a long experience with wildflowers and landscapes, Mutsuko embraced Perth multicultural environment and started to produce images depicting its vibrant life as well as abstract images.
Website: http://www.mutsuko.com.au/
Phone: 08 9450 7860