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Naohisa Aikawa
Ace Dance Studios
Contemporary | Dance | Film | Music/Sound | Performance | Theatre   (NSW)
Nao has been Hip Hop dancing since 1996. He was born in Japan and has experience in TV shows, competitions, artists’ back dancing and a lot of club showcases in Japan between 1996 and 2005. Nao moved to Australia in 2005. He was Choreographer for “So You Think You Can Dance Aus” as well as dancer for Singer Marvin Priest’s promotion video "Own This Club".

Nao is the frontman for one of Sydney’s most respected street dance crew, Dilated NU. In mid-2011s they were invited to Tonga for a series of special performances at various youth and community events as part of the special Japan-Tonga cultural exchange to increase awareness, acceptance and understanding of each other’s cultures through street dance.

Nao is director of ACE Dance Studio since 2010.
Email: dancism@nifty.com
Links: Dilated Nu - YouTube
  Nao for Nitrogen - YouTube
  Marvin Priest - Own This Club
Mobile: 0405 436 344