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Naomi Ota
Contemporary | Craft | Installation | Inter Disciplinary | Mixed Media | Performance | Theatre | Traditional Japanese Craft | Visual Art   (VIC)
Naomi Ota is an installation artist whose work uses fibrous materials.  Her works ranges in scale from small detailed pieces to large spatially interactive designs.  Naomi often draws on images and memories from the natural world and from the earth; places connected to emotional memory, places faraway in the imagination and calling on her memories of growing-up in Japan.

Naomi’s works have been exhibited in various exhibitions in Australia, Singapore, Belgium, France, UK and Japan. Her works are included in public collections of NGV, Museum of Victoria, Art Bank, The Royal Blind Association in NSW and Kyoto Nishijin Textile Industrial Association.

In the last decade, Naomi has extended her practice to include work with performance makers where she contributes interactive design and spatial elements.  Her process is intuitive and collaborative.  She is not a set designer, although her objects delineate theatrical space and convey meaning.  Instead, she works alongside directors, performers and musicians in developing a performance and draws on elements of the immediate environments using materials such tree branches and rocks alongside her fibrous sculptural constructions. The result is often to lead the viewer to a more interactive sense of the performance space and an understanding of how expressive qualities of performance are multidimensional.

Working on a range of national and international projects spanning butoh, contemporary dance, intercultural theatre, and experiential arts projects, Naomi’s recent collaborators include: Tony Yap Company (tyc), Theatre Nottle (South Korea), Surya Kencana (Indonesia), Genta Iwamura, Tim Humphrey and Madeline Flynn, Peter Eckersall, Soo Yuen You, Chi Vu, Yumi Umiumare, Lech Mackiewicz, Matt Crosby and Deborah Leiser-Moore.

Naomi has PhD from RMIT University and MAs from RMIT University and the Kyoto City University of Arts, Japan
  Photos: "Ocean White", 2010, Supported by The Australian Academy of the Humanities, The Japan Foundation Sydney, Griffith University and The University of Melbourne; Personnel - Naomi Ota (visual artist), Genta Iwamura (lighting designer), Tim Humphrey and Madeleine Flynn (composers/musicians), Soo Yeun You (choreographer/dancer), Peter Eckersall (dramaturg)
Photos: Jave Lee
Website: http://www.naomiota.com/
Email: otan@optusnet.com.au
Links: Banh Chung
  Kekkai - beyond fixed boundaries
  Performance & Installation Ocean White - YouTube
  EnTrance - YouTube
Phone: 03 9480 5940