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Nareeporn Vachananda  
Dance  (VIC)

Naree has worked in Melbourne as an independent contemporary dancer and choreographer since 1997.  Graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts School of Dance, she expanded her dance knowledge in Ideokinesis, Bodymind Centering and recently Noh.  In 2009, Naree received a Skill Development grant from the Australia Council and Arts Network Asia to study Noh in Kyoto with Noh master-actor Udaka Michishige, the founder of International Noh Institute, and later collaborated with Shoko Kashima and Chico Katsube of Tokyo-based C.I.co. + CIFJ  on mutual interest in the link between meditation and improvisation.  Naree continued to study with Udaka-sensei in 2011 with support from Solo Residency program, Victoria University.

Naree’s choreographic and performance work usually stems from research in “internal imageries” – a combination of deep meditative passage of body awareness and embodiment of imageries – and incorporated with “external imageries” – all tangible and intangible elements in space to create audio/visual/sensorial imageries such as sound, lights, colors and time. This unique chorographic method is an ongoing development and indeed the integration of all trainings that Naree undertakes.

Naree has collaborated with artists from many disciplines such as sound composer Edward Kelly, visual artists Anna Finlayson and designers Hoshika Oshimi and Tatsuyoshi Kawabata of ESS.LABORATORY.  Her major works includes Opposite My House Is a Funeral Parlour and Study for Portrait 2006-2106. Currently Naree is working on a new work Orbit using only sunlight to illuminate the piece with Noh training to prepare deep meditative state of the body.

  Photos: Study for Portrait 2006 - 2106, photo by Matt Crosby; Opposite My House Is a Funeral Parlour - photo by Konstantinos Tsetsonis
Website: http://www.nareevachananda.net.au
Link: Realtime Arts Article
Email: nareev@iinet.net.au
Mobile: 0479 154 262