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Natalia Kishigami
Traditional Japanese Art   (NSW)
Natalia Kishigami was born in Khabarovsk, The Russian Far East, and studied the art of Oshibana in Japan, in Tokushima Prefecture. 

Oshibana is the Japanese art of making pictures with pressed dry flowers and plants. In Japanese, Oshibana means "pressed flowers", dating as an art back to 16th century. During the early Victorian era, as Japanese exchanges with Europe increased, the art became fashionable in both England and America. In 20th century Oshibana became popular worldwide, being recognised as a unique art form, and several international associations were established.

This ancient Japanese art strongly attracted Natalia from the very first moment, while the unique Oshibana way of preserving floral life within an artwork promised to fulfill her dream of visually expressing ideas and emotions. Natalia quickly progressed to a flower presser stage, starting her career as an Oshibana artist in 2009. She has participated in several joint exhibitions in Tokushima, where she also contributed to mini master-classes.

In October 2009, Natalia became a winner of the Oshibana Competition at The Udatsu Wakimachi Culture Exhibition (Tokushima Prefecture, Japan), with the work "Rabbito-chan" ("Little Rabbit").  

In November 2012, having moved to Sydney, Natalia represented Australia at the 9th Annual International Oshibana Competition "Exhibition of Creation" in Yokohama City (Japan), also becoming a winner. Her work "Why do people walk upside down?!" was one of several winners selected from the field of 1107 entries that came from 14 countries. This work was also one of the first in the series inspired by native Australian fauna and flora – the theme that fascinates Natalia who now lives in Sydney.

Australian plants are unique and not commonly used in Oshibana. And so Natalia's work with Australian flora is an ongoing experimentation: the usual path of an artist who continues to learn all the time.
  mage 1: Three Gliders
Image 2: Solo for Wisteria
Website: www.artfloreo.com
Email: kishigami.nata@gmail.com
Mobile: 0426258827