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Traditional Japanese Art   (ACT)
I first became truly aware of the beauty and magic of Ikebana whenI happened to see an exhibition of Ikebana flower arrangements by Mr Yoshiro Umemura in a major Canberra department store. It was a revelation!

Since 1996 I have had the great good fortune to be taught by Sensei Yoshiro Umemura and have also learned from some of the great masters of this wonderful Japanese art form in workshops and classes in Japan and as well as in Australia and other countries around the world. My passion for Ikebana has led me to travel the world to attend conferences, seminars, and other Ikebana events, and led to lasting and valued friendships with many others who also share my love of this art form, both here in Australia and overseas.

My passion for Ikebana has also led me to teach this art form, to directly share with others my love of Ikebana, and hopefully encourage each person to express themself in this unique way.

Finally, I have been honoured and privileged to have had the opportunity to bring to a wider audience this art form through invitations to prepare arrangements for an official dinner hosted by the Australian Prime Minister, for the Cabinet ante-room in the Australian Parliament House, the Japanese Embassy on its National Day and the Emperor's birthday, and the Australian National Gallery; and to have conducted demonstrations at some of the above as well as at Canberra's Floriade (the biggest flower event in the Southern Hemisphere), the Nara Candle Festival (Nara is the Japanese sister city of Canberra), the National Botanic Gardens, and for various local groups with an interest in flowers and gardens.
Portrait: Ikebana Demonstration, Australian National Botanic Gardens, 2011
Photos: Arrangement demonstrated at Nara Candle Festival, Canberra 2011; Arrangement for Spring Edition, Sogetsu Magazine published by Sogetsu Headquarters, Japan, 2012
Website: http://ikebanawithping.com/
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