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Ryuichi Fujimura
Contemporary | Dance | Performance | Theatre   (NSW)

Ryuichi Fujimura is an independent dance artist based in Sydney. Since the mid 1990’s, he has studied contemporary dance technique as well as improvisation and choreography in Australia and overseas.

Over the last fifteen years, Ryuichi has collaborated with both emerging and established international and Australian dance/theatre/visual artists in various dance, theatre, opera, site-specific performance and film projects. He has performed for both established and experimental companies including Force Majeure, De Quincey Co., La Fura dels Baus, Opera Australia, Gravity Research Institute, and Untitled Collective.

Most recently, he performed in ‘Do Something Else’ directed by Michael Pigott at Old 505 in October 2016,  ‘Disaffected’ directed by Kym Vercoe at Blacktown Arts Centre in March 2016, and ‘Temporary Title 2015’ choreographed by Xavier le Roy at Carriageworks in November 2015.

He has also choreographed and performed two short solo works (How I Practice My Religion’ in 2016‘ and How Did I Get Here?’ in 2014) and created two site-specific performance works in collaboration with Kate Sherman (‘Under Harry’s Circumstances’ in 2014 and ‘Under Different Circumstances’ in 2013).

He is a recipient of Arts NSW’s inaugural Innovating Dance Practice Grant (2017), Ausdance NSW’s DAIR residencies (2015 and 2016) and Critical Path’s Responsive Choreographic Residency (with Kate Sherman) (2017).


Profile: Heidrun Löhr
Left: Kaldor Public Art Project 31: Temporary Title, 2015, Xavier Le Roy & Scarlet Yu at Carriageworks, 2015. Photo: Annie McKay, courtesy Kaldor Public Art Projects. 
Middle: ‘Disaffected’, directed by Kym Vercoe at Blacktown Arts Centre 2016. Photo: Katy Green Loughrey
Right: Under Harry’s Circumstances for Expanded Architecture: Temporal Formal’ 2014. Photo: Lindsay Webb

Website: http://www.youtube.com/syddance
Email: ryuichisydney@gmail.com