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Saeko Ogi
Lietrature  (ACT)
Saeko Ogi was born in Tokyo in 1931. She graduated from Tokyo Woman’s Christian University.
In 1972 she came to Australia and had devoted herself to Japanese language teaching for 25 years.
In 2000 joined the Nara Neiraku Tanka Group led by Mr Shizuya Inomata and in 2003 joined the Araragi-ha Tanka Group in Tsu, Japan.

In 2011 founded and facilitating the CJC (Canberra Japan Club) Blue Bells Tanka Group.
  Photos: From 機織鳥・Weaver Birds (2010); From 言問ふ花・Words Flower (2011) - Both the English translations by Amelia Fielden
Email: sogi@iinet.net.au