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Sayuri Hayashi
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Sayuri Hayashi is a Sydney-based artist who is a master of Nagauta shamisen, Kado (flower arrangement) and Chado (tea ceremony), as well as a Japanese calligrapher. Born in Asahikawa, Hokkaido in far northern Japan, she moved to Sydney in 1994 and is the managing director of Global Promotions Australia, which amongst various enterprises promotes cultural exchange between Australia and Japan.

Learning shamisen and Nagauta song from the age of eight under the Kashiwa school headed by Onoe Kikugoro of the Kabuki theatre, Sayuri was soon performing publicly and as a volunteer for schools and nursing homes. At sixteen she became a master and received the professional name of Kashiwa Isasumi, and has since performed around Japan with the Kashiwa school and the Nagauta Association. In 2000 she performed for delegates of the International Olympic Committee, and at a Japanese Traditional Cultural Demonstration which she organised in 2001. Also that year, she was featured in an episode of Planet on ABC television. Sayuri then performed at a pottery exhibition at the Japan Foundation Sydney in 2002 and at a Chado Urasenke reception in 2003. She performed with the Eminence Symphony Orchestra in their A Night In Fantasia 2005 concert at the Sydney Town Hall, and in 2008 held a solo performance at the Japan Foundation Sydney. In 2012, she performed at a flower arrangement convention held by Ikebana International. Sayuri is also an active shamisen teacher in Sydney.

At the age of ten Sayuri began learning Misho-school Kado (traditional flower arrangement), and expanded into Western flower arrangement at eleven. She has exhibited at many ikebana shows and won prizes at Misho school competitions, having become a master of Kado at eighteen and a teacher in Western flower arrangement at twenty-two. Her floral arrangements have been featured at events as the Japanese Olympic delegates’ reception in 2000 and in numerous restaurants, events and shopping centres. In 2008 she held a demonstration at the Northside Garden Fair organised by the Rotary Club, which was the subject of a feature article in the North Shore Times.

Sayuri has also studied Tamagawa Enshu-school Chado (Japanese tea ceremony) since twelve and Senchado (leaf tea ceremony) since thirteen. She became a master of Chado receiving her professional name of Seishuan Shinsui at twenty-three and that of Senchado receiving her professional name of Ryukei at twenty-four. Sayuri joined the Chado Urasenke Tankokai Association in after moving to Sydney, where she now holds the position of Public Relations officer. She has been involved in tea ceremony demonstrations at the 60th anniversary of the Cowra Breakout in 2004, as well as Tea Demonstration & Kimono Show events at the Customs House and in Bankstown in 2006. In 2009 Sayuri participated in demonstrations at the Chatswood Festival and the Sutherland Coffee Festival, an event which she returned to in 2010. She has also demonstrated at the “Green in the Collection” event at the Powerhouse Discovery Centre in 2011, and also been involved with the Japanese Tea Ceremony 1 Day Classes held at the Japan Foundation Sydney.

Shodo (Japanese calligraphy) is another of Sayuri’s passions, and she started studying it with the Setsurei school when she was seven. Becoming a junkyouju (associate master) at eighteen, she has won various awards at Shodo competitions, including the Governor of Hokkaido’s Award. In Sydney, her work has been displayed at various event venues and restaurants.
Email: shayashi@global-promotions.com.au
Mobile: 0412 019 878