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Seiko Hoashi
Graphic Design | Traditional Japanese Art   (VIC)
Seiko Hoashi was born and raised in Japan where, at an early age she learnt Japanese calligraphy from her grandmother who was a calligrapher. Early childhood memories include sitting on the floor, grinding Sumi and practicing the fluid movements of calligraphic line.

In 2003 she encountered western calligraphy for the first time in Australia where she currently lives. This encounter has connected her Japanese calligraphic heritage with Western calligraphy and has enabled her to express an improvisational exploration into the meeting of cultural boundaries.

She enjoys all forms of new media, which she find exciting as it has endless design possibilities. She relishes creating new concepts and bringing them to fruition for all to see.
  Photos: Work 1 - Composition Alphabet-white (left) Composition A,B & C-blue (right), digital, 2011; Work 2 - An ancient Japanese elegy/ Hojoki, ink and polyester film on Rives BFK paper with a ruling pen, 30 x 50cm, 2009
Website: http://www.seikohoashi.com/
Email: design@seikohoashi.com
Phone: 03 5330 1885