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Setsuko Ogishi
Craft   (NSW)

Glassblowing is my great adventure. I started my artistic career as a painter, but found I had a much stronger affinity with glass. For me it is a more flexible, pure and honest medium. I enjoy creating the harmony of colours and transparency in versatile textures and shapes that can be achieved in my landscape. It is the wilderness in glass that intrigues me - the depth, the possibilities.

Traditional Japanese art and customs are important influences in my work. I moved to Australia over twenty years ago and love Australia's futuristic mood and freedom, which is very conducive to my wish to explore the flexibility of glass.

I am one of the few women glassblowers in Australia and, in physical structure the smallest. However, I do have an important advantage and uniqueness - I have a woman's eye. This is why delicacy, softness and simplicity are always present in my work.

Website: http://www.ogishi.com.au/
Email: info@ogishi.com.au
Phone: 02 4998 7979