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Shoko Ono
Traditional Japanese Music  (NSW)
Shoko Ono originates from Kanagawa prefecture, in Japan.  She joined The Sawai International Koto School in 1999, and has since been studying under both Kazue Sawai in Japan and Satsuki Odamura in Australia.  In April 2000, Shoko performed with The Sawai Koto International Koto School at the Sydney Opera House.

During the 2002 Sydney Festival, Shoko performed with Satsuki Odamura and the Australian Chamber Orchestra at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. In August 2003, she again appeared at the Sydney Opera House with members of The Sawai International Koto School in The Asian Music and Dance Festival.  

In 2005, Shoko composed, directed and performed music for “Onna no Honour”, a theatre play produced by Thought Uncontrol and Darlinghurst Theatre Company. 2009 saw her touring Fiji at the invitation of the Japan Foundation, partnered by shakuhachi master Bronwyn Kirkpatrick.

In 2011, Shoko appeared in a number of fundraising events to aid the victims of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, including one alongside the Australian Chamber Orchestra, Riley Lee, and Taikoz, at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Between 2011 and 2014, Shoko lived in Akita prefecture, in north-western Japan. While there, she performed at a number of events, including the Akita City International Festival, and the Daisen City International Festival. Shoko also regularly performs and instructs at koto workshops at Australian Shakuhachi Society festivals.  Shoko was awarded her teaching license from the Sawai International Koto School in 2003.  

She plans to continue her Koto studies in Australia and Japan. Her vision is to make the Koto and Japanese culture more accessible to global audiences.
Email: shoko.ono@gmail.com
Links: Rock Garden - YouTube
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