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Stephen Carroll
Craft   (NSW)
For many years I have worked within the arts of Japan. I have been drawn to many but now concentrate on sumi-e, ceramics and sado.

My sumi-e skills were learned from the Australian artist, Janet Twigg-Patterson, and then from working with teachers in Japan and The United States. My work is a mixture of the traditional and the contemporary with an Australian influence that shows through all that I produce. I work with both the small, such as greetings cards to the very large such as wall hangings and interior design items. I am honoured that I was appointed as the Australian Director for the International Chinese Calligraphic and Brush Painters Society (ICCPS), an organisation that promotes sumi-e and calligraphy around the world with its head office in Tokyo.

Sado touches the type of ceramics that I produce. The Tea Ceremony embodies for me what is necessary to produce all of the other works; skill, concentration, knowledge and love of the art put together in one effortless place in time. My ceramic works also include small pieces like sake dishes and functional work up to large garden works and other non-functional and decorative items.

In the same way that sado is “just tea”, then ceramics is “just clay” or sumi-e is “just ink” – but the artistic achievement is what transcends the ordinary to the sublime and is never “just art”. I hope that I can contribute to this community with the artwork that I undertake and produce.
  Photos: Bondemae 1 and 2