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Terumi Narushima
Contemporary | Music/Sound (NSW)

Terumi Narushima is a composer, performer and sound designer whose work has been presented at numerous festivals in Australia and overseas, as well as broadcast on radio and television.

As a composer, she writes acoustic as well as electronic music with a particular focus on alternative tuning systems. Some of her microtonal projects include: Tritriadic Chimes, a sound installation for LA MicroFest (2001); Metris, a computer game for performing virtual bells in just intonation (2005); and Hidden Sidetracks, a composition for custom-built instruments commissioned and premiered by Ensemble Offspring at the Sydney Opera House (2011). Terumi was a guest composer for New Music Works in Santa Cruz, USA (2007). She has also worked as a musician and sound designer for various film and theatre collaborations, and her music has been presented internationally (in Asia, Europe, North and South America).

As a performer, Terumi plays mainly keyboard instruments, and she has also studied koto with Satsuki Odamura. She is a core member of Clocks and Clouds, an ensemble featuring retuned vibraphone, pump organ and other acoustic instruments built by fellow composer-performer, Kraig Grady. Terumi was the sound designer, composer and live musician for Yasukichi Murakami – Through a Distant Lens, a theatre production that toured to Darwin Festival, Shinju Matsuri in Broome, OzAsia Festival in Adelaide (2014), as well as a season at Griffin Theatre in Sydney (2015). Terumi is a lecturer in music at the University of Wollongong, where she completed a PhD on musical interfaces for microtonal composition. Her current project involves collaborative research into the development of microtonal flutes using 3D printing. Terumi has a Bachelor of Music (Honours) and a Diploma in Secondary Education from the University of Sydney, as well as a Master of Music (Composition) from Sydney Conservatorium.

  Photos: Clocks and Clouds, Kraig Grady and Terumi Narushima; Aaron Hull and Terumi Narushima, performing at 1/4_inch, Wollongong
Website: http://www.anaphoria.com/TerumiNarushima.html
Email: terumi.narushima@gmail.com
  University of Wollongong