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Tomoko Yamada  
Contemporary | Conceptual | Installation   (WA)

Tomoko Yamada is an independent fibre artist and designer based in Broome, Western Australia. Originally from Osaka, Japan, she previously worked in roles involving management and creative coordination and direction for commercial fashion photography and graphic design company.

Tomoko began doing private work at the same time creating soft sculpture and collage using yarns and textiles and designing individual art piece soft sculpture hats. She displayed her original creations performing improvised movements with experimental theatre and music groups. In Japan her works have appeared in solo and group exhibitions. She also gained experience in installations under contract to regularly create artistic window displays for exclusive fashion houses.

Since moving to Australia in 2009, her personal artistic focus has shifted to fibre art installations. She is currently working on four diverse installation pieces.

Tomoko’s art materials include many types of fibres, yarns, fabrics, strings, cords and textiles. Her techniques involve a careful and intricate combination of weaving, stitching, crochet and braiding. Tomoko sees her installations as ongoing creations which she may add to, merge and display in different formats. Her vision is to create several fibre installations which may be exhibited separately, and at times together, with the ultimate goal being a larger exhibition incorporating several pieces.

  Photos: "continuation" - installation; "continuation" -photograph
Photograph by Damian Kelly
Email: tomoko_wao@westnet.com.au
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TomokoYamadaFibreArt
Phone: 0459 504 316