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Toshi Handa
Animation/Manga | Graphic Design | Visual Art   (VIC)

Born in Osaka, Japan and currently living in Melbourne, Australia, Toshi Handa undertook the Graphic Art/Design Course at the Osaka Designers College. His art explores what the world would be like and how we may have evolved if the earth developed under dierent circumstances.

Handa produces work incorporating design, ne art, multi media and installation art. His work is a combination of pop and Buddhist philosophy.

Handa has exhibited widely, including at the Red Cross International Gallery (Switzerland), Sub Station Gallery(Singapore), Object Gallery (Sydney) and in the 12th Asian International Games (Japan). Handa has published several children's picture books including "Onegai Nanmaider" from Iwasaki Shoten and "Secret Bug's Land" by East Press. His artworks are held in private collections in Japan, Switzerland and Australia and public collections including the Singapore National Art Museum and the Practice Performing Art Center.

In 2013, Handa began conducting Art & Craft lessons for local children. In recent years, his focus has shifted to creating a platform for future generations by providing children an opportunity to explore their inherent creativity.

Website: http://www.toshihanda.com/
Email: toshihanda0358@gmail.com
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