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The Traditions of Japan
Traditional Japanese Craft | Traditional Japanese Music | Traditional Japanese Performance | Literature | Visual Art   (NSW)
We are group of Japanese experts who practice Japanese Traditional cultural art forms. Our aim is to create precious moments for people to experience the heart of Japan.  Our services include introducing traditional Japanese culture (Gagaku, Tea ceremony, Ikebana, Brush written calligraphy) for universities, schools, art galleries, organizations and  for individuals. We organize Japanese traditional style tea party for your needs and teach all the subjects of Urasenke school’s Tea Ceremony from the beginner to the qualified.

We also design and build traditional Japanese gardens on public land or in your home garden. We conduct a three-day intensive cultural course in spring, summer, autumn and winter in Japan. We also distribute tea utensils, vases, art pieces and the items from Japan including new items and antiques according to your needs. 

Please come and join our Japanese festival at the Cowra Japanese Gardens.

The principal of Traditions of Japan is Kumiko Suzuki. Kumiko Suzuki is a senior professor to Chado Urasenke School and special adviser for: Cowra Japanese Garden & Cultural Centre and Kitanodai Gagakun Ensemble for Japan, EU, USA and Australia.

Selected organised recent events:
Boston Symphony Orchestra Mall Hall April 2012, United States August 2014
Cowra Breakout 70th Anniversary (Tea Ceremony Event)
Email: suzuki.sensei117@gmail.com
Link: Kitanodai Gagaku Website
  Ikenobo Website
  Urasenke Japan Website
  Cowra Japanese Gardens Website
  From breakout to blossoms
Mobile: 0408 765 117
Skype: australia2088