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Wakako Asano
Contemporary | Dance   (NSW)
Wakako Asano started Classical Ballet training in Japan when she was nine. In 1989, she moved to Melbourne as a first Japanese student of the Australian Ballet School. In 1990 while still a student, Wakako danced in Graeme Murphy’s work at Sydney Dance Company and was offered the contract for the company. Since she joined the Company in 1991, she became one of Sydney Dance’s most expressive dancers and she left the company in 2007. During her seventeen years with the Company, she had performed in 30 different works in 18 different countries. She had nominated twice for Helpmann Awards for Best Female Dancer.

Wakako began her choreography since 1991. She created three new works for Sydney Dance Company while still a member. She was chosen for one of four emerging choreographers for 2008 Dance Creation and choreographed for Australian Ballet School students to be performed.

From 2007, Wakako started to focus more to her own creativity. The project In Repose has been the core of her creativity to combine her Australian dance language, her Japanese spiritual roots and resulting bi-cultural artistic approach in order to further contribute to Australian dance in her own authentic way.
  Portrait: Photo courtesy of Sydney Dance Company
Photos: Amaterasu - Wakako Asano at Balmoral Beach, NSW, photo by Mayu Kanamori; Wakako Asano at the site of former POW Camp, Cowra, NSW photo by Mayu Kanamori; Wakako Asano at the Japanese Section, Pioneer Cemetery, Port Hedland, photo by Mayu Kanamori
Website: http://www.wakakoasano.com/
Email: wakako@iinet.net.au