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William BIL Anderson JR
Animation/Manga | Conceptual | Contemporary | Graphic Design | Mixed Media | Installation |
Music/Sound | Visual Art (NSW)
William BIL Anderson JR creates conceptual Post modernism and or Contemporary Super Flat art, based on elements of Japanese Manga, Comic pop art, Surrealism, Rastafarian & Alternative Street art... Developing theories relating to the Outsider or Otaku from contemporary Australasian Japanese contexts.

With the concept originating from the Super Flat Art movement... A postmodern art movement created by Takashi Murakami (2000) which references the outsider sub cultures of otaku via the consumerism and sexual fetishism that is prevalent in post-war Japanese culture.

And the essential non-conformist conceptual tangents of the Maverick creator, Reclusive Eccentric Outsider, The Rastafarian reference link. Referring to how Jamaican Rasta's formed dreadlocks to rebel against their oppressors.
photos from left: BILLY LONDON BROIL, BOHEMIEN ROYAL; The Rightous Antimatter of Jielojoss. by William BIL Anderson JR 2012; Yoga Otaku Conceptual Madness from Gauge Invariance. Diptych 1 & 2 By William BIL Anderson JR 2013
Website: All Artwork and Designs created by William "BIL" Anderson JR
Email: bilando@bigpond.com