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The Yarra Vallery Bonsai Society
Traditonal Japanese Art | Tradiitional Japanese Craft   (VIC)

The YVBS is a young but rapidly growing group of bonsai enthusiasts based in the Shire of Yarra Ranges, Victoria.

We are an Incorporated Association with a Constitution, registered directors, and a Committee of Management to ensure proper compliance with State and Federal legislation regarding non-profit social and cultural organizations, and are so listed with the Australian Business Registry and in keeping with the Incorporated Associations Act.

The aims of the Society, as stated in our Constitution, are:

  • To further interest and craftsmanship in bonsai and related arts for its members, and to inspire participation by both beginners, advanced growers and collectors of bonsai;
  • To further the appreciation of the underlying aesthetic tenets of the bonsai craft and its variations;
  • To advance appreciation of bonsai by the wider community, especially in the Outer Eastern suburbs, through participation in exhibitions and shows and other forms of outreach selected by the Society.
  • To share knowledge and skills with related clubs and/or societies locally, nationally and internationally;
  • To acknowledge, beyond the craft of bonsai, the social value of community and grass roots organisations;
  • To exist as an exemplary community organisation with a negligible carbon footprint as expedited through minimal paper usage, through recycling, and by means of low imprint activities and marketing.
  Photos: Bonsai, Ficus
Website: http://www.yarravalleybonsai.org.au/
Email: info@yarravalleybonsai.org.au