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Yoko Yamaguchi
Conceptual | Craft | Installation | Mixed Media | Traditional Japanese Art | Traditional Japanese Craft | Visual Art   (ACT)
Yoko Yamaguchi is an Australian-born Japanese artist based in Canberra who graduated Bachelor of Arts, Visual Art (Honours) in Print media and drawing at the ANU School of Art.

Yoko was awarded an EASS residency with Megalo Access Arts and has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in the region. Her solo exhibitions include “Yoko” at the Homestead Gallery, Canberra, “Yoko~ Only Me” in collaboration with Long Hoang Phan at the Tuggeranong Arts Centre Gallery, Canberra and “Yoko~Soul~” at Kaori Gallery, Canberra.

One particular aspect of her work is that Yoko examines in her art is culture. Having spent her formative years immersed in Japanese culture, she explores the influence of Australian life and her cross-cultural identity in her printmaking practice.
Photos: "Harmonies ~one~", 2012 Japanese Unryu-paper, Silk screen-print Original seals 310mm x 460mm; "Harmonies ~five~", 2012 Japanese Unryu-paper 310mm x 460mm
Website: http://yoko.net.au/
Email: yoko.benkei@gmail.com
Phone: 0407 433 094