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Yuji Sone
Conceptual | Contemporary | Installation | Inter disciplinary | Mixed Media | Performance   (NSW)

Yuji is a Sydney-based artist who has produced numerous media-based performances and installations in Australia and overseas.

He is interested in mediated performance and performance of the body in conjunction with objects, space, and technology. His works explore the entwinement of image and materiality across media.

Yuji teaches in the Department of Media, Music, Communication, and Cultural Studies at Macquarie University.

  Photos: "Voice of Silence", The Performance Space, 1999, photographed by Silversalt; "A Cradlesong on the Monorail", City, Sydney, 1987, photographed by SMH; "The Voice of The Masked Other", The Performance Space, 1994, photographed by Heidrun Lohr.
Link: The Sydney Monorail, 25 years ago
Email: yuji.sone@mq.edu.au