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Anderson JR, William BIL

Animation/Manga | Conceptual | Contemporary | Graphic Design | Mixed Media | Installation | Music/Sound | Visual Art (NSW)

William BIL Anderson JR creates conceptual Post modernism and or Contemporary Super Flat art, based on elements of Japanese Manga, Comic pop art, Surrealism, Rastafarian & Alternative Street art...



Handa, Toshi

Animation/Manga | Graphic Design | Visual Art (VIC)

Toshi Handa was born in Osaka, Japan. His has exhibited widely, including galleries such as the Museum of Modern Art Shiga (Japan), Red Cross International Gallery(Switzerland), Object Gallery (Sydney) and in the...


Hayes, Carol

Animation/Manga | Film | Literature (ACT)

Dr Carol Hayes is a senior lecturer in Japanese language and literature at the Japan Centre, within the College of Asia and the Pacific, Australian National University...



Lovegrove, David

Animation/Manga | Other - concept art, illustration (NSW)

David Lovegrove is a professional artist and illustrator with a passion for Japanese culture both traditional and contemporary. His first love is Jidaigeki (Samurai films) closely followed by manga and anime, as well as...




Animation/Mana | Graphic Design | Mix Media | Photography (NSW)

Fiona Chor-Kay Chan, also more commonly known for her alias 'Miyukiko' on the internet, is a Chinese-Australian based artist practicing with both digital and traditional art...



Starke, Yumiko

Animantion/Manga   (ACT)

Yumiko was born in rural Gunma Prefecture, with its beautiful mountains and four distinct seasons. As a child she was an avid drawer of manga-style characters. She worked as a junior high school teache...