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Facet Studio

Architecture (NSW)

Yoshihito Kashiwagi was born in Osaka, educated in Tokyo, trained in Genoa, Italy. After he finished the bachelor degree at Keio University, Japan (major in business administration) he made an acute turn in his career, to major...



SAKYA Oriental Styling

Architecture | Contemporary | Installation | Traditional Japanese Art | Traditional Japanese Craft (QLD)

Jin Hsu was born in an old wooden structure house which has more than 200 years history. His father is a traditional carpenter, often takes Jin with him while doing the work, thoroughly influenced by what he...


Urbanscope (Australia) Architects

Architecture (NSW)

Masaaki Ikeda is a founding principal architect of Urbanscope (Australia) Pty. Ltd., Sydney and has over 35 years of experience in architectural design in Australia. He is also a founding architect for Urbanscope Vietnam...